A Louisville Youth Is The Fastest 8 & Under Female In Six States



Louisville, KY may have its own version of Flash Gordon in the form of an 8-year-old girl. First year track star – Alexandra Allen – has dominated the 100, 200, & 400 meter sprinting events throughout her region – making her the fastest “8-and-under” female in ​Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama.

Allen’s journey into the world of track & field was rather unorthodox. Being an active child – she has always been interested in sports. She’s played organized baseball and basketball but when she was 6-years-old she randomly decided that she wanted to play football. Being supportive – her parents allowed her to join a flag football team at the Southeast YMCA in Louisville. Her mom – Anitra Allen – said that while playing football – Allen’s lightning speed was discovered.

“She played flag football and one of the coaches came up to me after one of the games and asked if she ran track. I said that we had been thinking about it but at the time she was only 6-years-old and a lot of teams don’t take kids until they’re a little bit older. – Anitra Allen

Allen’s speed has made her unstoppable on the football field. She has played flag football for the past two seasons as a quarterback and a running back. She has a friendly but very competitive demeanor which is the perfect complement to her natural talent. These two attributes combined have allowed her to excel immensely in every sport she’s involved herself in. In addition to sports – the 8-year-old is academically at the top of her class at Louisville Collegiate School.

“She just finished her second flag football season where’s she’s a running back and a quarterback. Pretty much every game she either ran for or passed for a touchdown. So next year we’ll probably do national flag football which is a little bit more competitive. She loves it. She’s an athlete on the field and a scholar in the classroom.” – Anitra Allen

Following her second season of flag football – Allen joined the Kentucky’s Fillies headed by coach Tamika Townsend. The Fillies are KY’s only elite – all female – track & field team and have dominated the events at several AAU meets. In June 2015 – the Fillies won 30 metals at the Kentucky AAU District meet at the Assumption Green – which helped qualify the team for its fourth straight invitation to the Junior Olympics.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Fillies Coach

According to LOUISVILLEWOMENSPORTS.COM during the Assumption Green AAU meet – four sprinters from the Fillies: Alexandra Allen (8 & Under), Nevaeh Johnson (10 Yr), Veronique Ninamou (11 Yr) and Kaleb McDonald (15-16 Yr) finished in first place in each of their running events – solidifying them as the fastest female runners in their age groups in the state of Kentucky.

Fillies AAU

Allen’s natural talents are irrefutable. In her first season – the sprinter has won 19 metals and is ranked 6th in the nation in the 100 yard dash for females “8 & under”. She’s ranked in the top 8 in the nation for the combined times of the 100, 200 & 400 meter dash events for females “8 & under”. She’s also the fastest “8 & under” female sprinter in KY as well as five other states.

Her total list of accolades for the 2015 track & field season are:

2015- USATF ​Kentucky District Champion 100m, 200m, 400m
2015- AAU Kentucky District Champion 100m, 200m, 400m
2015- USATF Region 5 Champion 100m, 400m
2015- AAU Region 6 Champion 100m, 200m, 400m
2015-Georgia Games Silver Medalist 100m, 200m, 400m
2015- USATF Jr. Olympics – 6th Place 100m
2015- USATF Jr. Olympics – 7th Place 400m
2015- AAU Jr. Olympics – 8th Place 100m

2015- AAU Jr. Olympics – 7th Place 200m

According to her mother – she’s very competitive but like most kids – she hates to practice. It seems that Alexandra Allen is destined to be great at whatever profession she decides to pursue. The gift of brains and brawn definitely make her a double-threat and with the support and guidance from her parents – the sky’s the limit.

“I believe that from the time your children are born you are already raising adults – They aren’t going to be children forever. So while they’re children – you need to be ‘all-in’. Do whatever ‘all-in’ looks like for you. Your ‘all-in’ might not be mine and that’s fine but you need to be ‘all-in’ with them because there’s going to come a point when they walk out that door and then you won’t be able to influence anymore.” – Anitra Allen

Access Alexandra Allen’s website at alexandragallen.weebly.com for more information about her remarkable track & field career. Her track & field highlight video is listed below.




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