Following His Feature On Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t”, Louisville Artist ‘King Vory’ Signs BMG Deal


[“Don’t” – Verse 3: King Vory]
H-Town got a n-gga so throwed
Pour up, we can party some more
Yeah, got this drank in my cup
Got a young n-gga feelin’ so throwed

Spit fire in a world so cold
Young money got a n-gga feelin’ old
Spit fire in a world so cold

H-Town got me feelin’ so throwed
H-Town got me feelin’ so throwed

Ride paint and we sip ’til we fold
H-Town got me feelin’ so throwed
Spit fire in a world so cold
H-Town got a n-gga so throwed

This is the memorable “screwed up” verse by Louisville’s newest rising star, King Vory – that captivated fans on Bryson Tiller’s debut single “Don’t”.

King Vory Car
King Vory (image courtesy Twitter)

The 18 year-old is part of a new wave of Urban-Alternative artists who often step outside of the box by creatively incorporating singing & rapping into the music they create.

His latest singles Overdose and My Life A Movie (feat. Blu) are heavily streamed on Soundcloud and are quickly exposing the rest of the world to Louisville’s best kept secret.

King Vory Overdose

King Vory Life A Movie

Vory brings an interesting repertoire of talents to the music industry. He has the natural ability to spontaneously create entire songs in the recording booth without previously writing any of the lyrics down.

“I don’t write like typical writers. I just think and then go in the booth. I just recently started recording that way. Originally I told myself that I wanted to be able to do that by the time I was 25, but I’m able to do it now. It’s better because when something musically is in my head – I can just get it out.” – King Vory

He also has a magnetizing sound that is different from the music that is in heavy rotation on many of the mainstream urban radio stations across the country. That unique sound allows him to effortlessly switch back and forth between rapping and singing R&B – often on the same verse.

Recognizing this raw talent when Vory was only 16, his friend Nick Vibes suggested that he record some music with a talented undiscovered (at the time) Louisville artist named Bryson Tiller.

“One day my bro Nick came to the studio and said that he had somebody that he thought I’d be dope with. He said that he thought that the two of us were the dopest in the city at that time. He brought him (Bryson Tiller) through. I played my music for Bryson and he went crazy. Then he played his music and it was crazy because the day before that I had already did my verse on the “Don’t” record. I had already started recording the song.” – King Vory

King Vory and Tiller would later spend a great deal of time collaborating in the studio together creating a large catalog of music, including the songs “Don’t” and “Break Bread”.

Tiller would later decide to release “Don’t” on his SoundCloud account in 2014, and within a short period of time – the song went viral. “Don’t” eventually reached the ears of super-producer Timbaland and hip-hop superstar Drake.

Shortly after that, a bidding war for Tiller would take place between many major record labels. Tiller eventually signed with RCA records in 2015. Later that same year, he released his debut album TrapSoul, led by the hit single “Don’t”.

The video for “Don’t” premiered on October 17, 2015, on Tiller’s Vevo account on Youtube and currently has received over 92 Million views. However, despite Tiller’s requests – King Vory was not featured in the video due to his academic obligations at the time.

“It’s crazy because he (Bryson Tiller) wanted me to come out to Cali for the video but I had school and my dad was a little strict… He wasn’t having that.” – King Vory

Many fans wonder why King Vory mentions H-Town in his verse on the song “Don’t”, being that he is an artist from Louisville, KY. There’s a very simple explanation for that. Vory was born and raised in Houston, TX but relocated to Louisville in 2014, when he was 16 to live with his father. It was in Louisville where his passion for music started to open industry doors for him.”

 “I first started doing music in Houston when I was 14 or 15. At 16, I knew I was dope… You know how you hear people say something but you don’t pay any attention to it? But at 17, I heard everybody starting to say it. I started meeting industry people and they were saying it… They were calling it a gift.” – King Vory

At 18, with school now behind him, Vory began to spend more time in Louisville recording studios perfecting his craft. In late 2014, he met “Big Bo” and “D-Shot” – co-owners the Louisville based record label FPR Music Group.

left to right: King Vory, Big Bo & D-Shot

The label owners were so impressed with Vory’s unique sound, lyrical content and ability to create songs off the top of his head – that they immediately signed him to an artist deal.

At the time, they knew nothing about his work on the Bryson Tiller record. Vory didn’t reveal that information to the label until 2-3 months later. His primary focus was recording music. After only a few short months of being signed to FPR – Vory has recorded massive amounts of music that will most likely be released in the near future.

“Everything that Vory does is a hit… Who can just keep making hit after hit after hit? It’s to the point now where we just signed a deal with BMG and they already know. They have him in there working with Nicki Minaj… They have him in there working with Fetty Wap… OVO just picked him up – they are getting ready to fly him to the OVO Fest… So they see the same thing that we see… He just has a natural gift for this.” – Big Bo

Working with other artists allows Vory to utilize his instinctively creative thought process to create content for genres of music, other than hip-hop. This type of experience and exposure has often helped many artists develop themselves for careers that have reached superstardom.

Recognizing this opportunity, Vory already has a vision about the direction that he wants his career to follow.

“Before I had pen-game, I always had sound. I had a natural sound. I want to do writing to a certain extent but I don’t want to do writing for others for my entire career. I want to be an artist and writer but eventually I want to break off into just being an artist… But right now I’m doing both… In L.A. lately I’ve been writing Pop music and Country music.” – King Vory

FPR Music Group is currently home to two Kentucky based artists. King Vory out of Louisville and T-Hill from Lexington. The label is focused on developing both artists and releasing their material nationally before expanding their roster any further.

FPR logo

The label’s long-term goal is to become an outlet for Louisville artists, as well as artists from other areas, to have their music heard worldwide.

“Both of these artists give you chills when you hear their music. My goal is to put the city on the map. I love where I’m from… I love Louisville… And I just want people to be able to rep Louisville in the same way that the people in Atlanta rep the ‘A’”. – Big Bo

Follow FPR Music Group on Facebook and contact manager Latasha Harrison for booking and label information.

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“My Life A Movie” – King Vory ft. Blu


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