Louisville ‘Earth Day’ Celebration, Showcases African-American “Natural” Health & Beauty Product Vendors

With concern growing of the possible side effects related to pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics made with chemical additives – many Americans are turning to natural health & beauty products as a safer alternative.

The African-American community is no different. Many black people have recently embraced the trend of wearing “Natural” hair styles – as opposed to using relaxers to straighten the hair. Dr. Rachael Ross M.D., PH.D. (Family Medicine & Clinical Sexologist) appeared on an episode of the “Doctors” daytime television program and stated:

“There was a study that linked relaxer use in African-American women to a higher incidence of fibroid tumors… Which are non-cancerous balls of muscular tissue that form in the uterus – but is actually the leading cause of hysterectomies here in the country.” – Dr. Rachael Ross M.D., PH.D.

In response to the growing demand for natural health & beauty products in Louisville, KY, – many local African-Americans have created businesses that cater to those needs.

On Saturday, April 23, 2016, the Manhattan on Broadway, in Louisville hosted the 1st annual African-American “Earth Day Celebration” – which was an event that allowed African-American natural health & beauty product vendors to display their goods.


The event was sponsored by Rooted Natural Toothpaste, Melodic Elements, Infinite Yoga, and Natural Logistics – which are all Louisville based black-owned businesses.

The various vendors offered natural products and services which ranged from handmade soaps and deodorants – to belly dancing, vitamin supplements and a senior concierge service.

One particular vendor – Precious Kentle Powders – manufactures handmade skin care products for men and women which include: natural soap and body butters, shea butters, and men’s shaving kits & beard balms.

Precious Kentle Powders

Another impressive display booth was operated by Lailah Hampton-El who is the director of the Kuumba Youth Liberation Academy (KYLA) – which is Louisville’s only Afrikan-Centered home schooling academy. KYLA specializes in math and science and also offers a youth chess club.

Retired veterans, Retha & Joe Williams, manned a booth that provided information about “Alleviate” – which is their senior home healthcare business.

“Alleviate is a non medical private homecare service, helping seniors to be able to stay at home and help them with their daily living. We also have a concierge service for seniors as well.” – Retha Williams

Retha & Joe Williams – CEOs of Alleviate

The celebration featured several other local African-American vendors who provide natural products and services to residents in the metro Louisville area as well as to customers nationwide through online purchasing.

Deanna Coles – owner of Melodic Elements – manufactures an all natural line of body deodorants that are available in a variety of different scents. In addition to manning her own booth – she was also a sponsor of the event.

“We just wanted to celebrate Earth Day because this is the weekend of Earth Day 2016, and we also wanted to showcase local black-owned businesses who are making all-natural homemade products and handcrafted items as well.” – Deanna Coles

(left to right) Cierra Crump & Deanna Coles

Organizers are planning other natural health & beauty product events in the near future and also plan to bring the Earth Day Celebration back next year.