Louisville’s Forward Radio (106.5FM) Launches “Blackout Saturdays” – Airing ‘All-Day’ Black Talk-Radio Programming


When it comes to ‘Talk-Radio’, it’s a genre that’s generally dominated by Conservative white radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck & Sean Hannity. Rarely are these media platforms Liberal – and even rarer are the hosts of these shows Black. That is until now.

Forward Radio WFMP-LP (106.FM) in Louisville, KY is a newly acquired Low-Power, FM radio station that focuses on Community programming. The station is home to many programs that highlight grassroot organizations, aiming to bring awareness to racism, police brutality, sex trafficking, gender inequalities, rape culture, political literacy, LGBTQ lifestyles and more.

This past June, for the first time in its 40 year-history – hip-hop became the most popular genre of music in the U.S. Being that hip-hop is an art form that is primarily dominated by African-American artists – it often tends to be the loudest voice portraying Black American lifestyles.

Although a large percentage of African-Americans appreciate the contributions that hip-hop has given to the world – it still only represents one of the many sub-cultures of the African-American experience. Often hip-hop portrays and promotes the negative aspects of the black community, as opposed to highlighting positivity or at least providing a balance.

Recognizing that perception is often viewed as reality – Forward Radio programmer Ted Gatlin Jr. developed the concept of “Blackout Saturdays”, to offer a variety of African-American portrayals to the listening audience of Louisville.


Every Saturday on Forward Radio (106.5FM), the station will feature a mixture of Black Talk-Radio shows and Contemporary Hip-Hop & R&B music from 8am-5pm. The programs cover a variety of topics including Urban Entertainment, Political Commentary, Entrepreneurship, Dating, Marriage, Relationships and much more.



Sat 8-10am
“F.O.R. Grooves & Grits”
Music to get your day started.
R&B, Soul, Pop, and hip hop.


Sat 10am-noon
“Brunch With Black Folks”

Hosts: Queen Yero Ted Gatlin Jr., & B.Shatter

Brunch With Black Folks is a morning show with friends that discusses national news to social media and everything in between. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same.


Sat 12pm-1pm
“502 Forward”
An “All local” music hour featuring R&B, Soul, Pop, and hip-hop.


Sat 1pm-2pm
“Urban Voices”

Hosts: Brad Harrison, Shawn Mucker & Tiandra Robinson

Urban Voices is an hour-long talk radio program that discusses pertinent current events concerning the black community and we interview the “movers & shakers” of Louisville’s Urban Community. Commentary typically revolves around weekly topics that dominate the headlines of black media. Hard News, Entertainment, and some Politics are discussed but we steer away from tabloid commentary. If a guest is on the show, the commentary will revolve around the community issues relating to the guest.


Sat 2pm-2:30pm
“Platinum Sounds”
30 minute music program featuring hits from the Platinum Era – 1990s through early 2000s.


Sat 2:30pm- 3:00pm
“On The Edge”

Host: K.A. Owens
K.A. and guests discuss social justice, public affairs, politics, economics, military affairs, history, and pop culture.


Sat 3pm-4pm
“He Said, She Said”

Hosts: KJ & Koncise Addressing life topics effecting most people from 21-50 that need to be discussed – especially relationships, dating, hip hop culture, social media, black business & buying power, restorative justice, parenting, love, and more.


Sat 4pm-5pm
“Brown Sugar Hour”

Hosts: Dom & NeNe

 Brown Sugar Hour features two Pretty Brown Girls dishing on all the latest news, tea, and shade!


Sat 12am & 5pm
“Panty Pilot Diaries”

Host: London Foxx
Ever wanted to get inside the mind of a black femme presenting lesbian? Well here’s your chance.

Panty Pilot Diaries is an urban LGBT talk show covering everything from hip-hop and pop culture to relationships and dating advice. With segments like “Queer questions from a straight guy” your sure to get your fix of entertainment and education.


Tune in to Blackout Saturdays every Saturday on Forward Radio (106.FM) from 8pam-5pm and continue listening to Forward Radio every other day to experience the wide range of Community based programming that is changing the sound of radio in Louisville.


Forward Radio is a NON-PROFIT radio station that survives on donations and fundraising initiatives. If you would like to support Forward Radio, access the website at forwardradio.org and click “DONATE”.

Brad Harrison is a journalist/motivational speaker/entrepreneur and on-air personality. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with cum laude honors from the University of Louisville. In October 2015, he started UrbanMaxx Magazine to provide positive role models for Urban residents that reside in at-risk-communities and lack positive leadership in their lives.
For booking or advertising – contact Brad Harrison at bradharrison@urbanmaxx.com