Brad Harrison – Motivational Speaker

Brad Harrison is a Motivational Speaker/Life Coach/Mentor who is uniquely gifted at reaching at-risk-youth. He spent decades on the streets of Northern California, Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY, engulfed in the gang and drug culture.

While serving a stint in prison during the mid-2000s, he realized that he had not only become a product of his negative environment but was a driving force in furthering its destruction. Brad decided to change his lifestyle and dedicate his life to preventing other youths from making the same mistakes that he made.

Upon his release from prison, Brad enrolled in college and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Louisville with Cum Laude Honors in 2014, graduating with a 3.65 G.P.A. He was a member of the Dean’s list during four (4) separate semesters and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

In October 2015, Brad created an online website called UrbanMaxx. The site publishes “POSITIVE” articles about residents from Louisville’s Urban Community. Brad decided to create UrbanMaxx after noticing that African-Americans are primarily portrayed in a negative light by the mainstream media and entertainment industry. Brad was concerned that those negative portrayals could possibly result in non-Blacks forming inaccurate views, opinions and judgements about African-Americans.

In addition, Brad felt that African-American youth were being bombarded with negativity from the internet, the entertainment industry and video games. It appeared that positive role models were no longer being marketed by the mainstream media and entertainment industry. To combat the negativity, Brad began interviewing entrepreneurs or anyone doing something positive from Louisville’s Urban community. He would then write articles about these people and publish them on the UrbanMaxx website and circulate them across all the popular social media sites. Almost instantly, the articles began to go viral. The Urban community (globally) seemed to appreciate positive articles about average Africans from the community. Brad’s goal is to create role model for our youth with his articles.

In August 2016, Brad created an Urban talk show on 1009.FM in Louisville, KY called “Urban Voices”. Brad and his co-hosts Sanita Woolfolk and Shawn Mucker host the one-hour show every Tuesday evening from 8pm-9pm. Urban Voices is a verbal extension of UrbanMaxx. The crew discusses important issues within Louisville’s African-American community and attempts to propose solutions for any problems that may exist. The show is also used to interview and highlight guests who are creating positive changes throughout the city of Louisville.

Brad now plans to mentor at-risk-youth, hoping to steer them from the pitfalls of the “street culture” by stressing the importance of his G.P.A Lifestyle Format (GOALS, PLANS & ACTION): Setting Realistic Goals, Developing Plans to Achieve Those Goals, and Taking Action to Bring Those Goals to Fruition. Consequences, and Accountability are other focal points of his discussions.

Brad uses the term “Discussions”, rather than “Lectures” or “Speeches” when describing his speaking engagements, due to his practice of allowing his audience to interact with questions and comments.

Brad’s outgoing personality and experience in the rough inner-city streets make him very relatable to at-risk youth. He is extremely passionate about motivating young people to be successful and that passion is evident once you hear him speak. Brad is a one-of-a-kind speaker that keeps his audience excited from start to finish. His hip-hop and social media references keep young listeners alert and attentive. Brad enjoys involving his audience in his discussions as a form of personal interaction. His story of redemption has been motivating and inspiring to all that have listened. Book Brad today and he’ll inspire your youth to be great tomorrow.

Contact Brad Harrison at or by calling 502-436-8050