Black-Owned Business Directory (Louisville)


 Policies & Terms of Agreement

  • The UrbanMaxx Black Business Directory is listed as a subpage on the UrbanMaxx website (
  • Individual cities, counties, or metro areas will be listed as separate subpage regions in the directory and will contain information about black business owners specific to that locality.
  • The directory serves the purpose of allowing potential consumers to locate black business owners in the city, county, or metro area specific to the subpage region.
  • The UrbanMaxx Black Business Directory was created to help stimulate commerce and economic growth to black-owned businesses which statistically are less likely to succeed, when compared to businesses owned by other races in the United States.
  • All business owners who advertise in the UrbanMaxx Black Business Directory are proclaiming to be of African descent and UrbanMaxx reserves the right to pursue legal action against any business owner who knowingly violates these terms.
  • The UrbanMaxx Black Business Directory requests that the ethnicity of all business owners advertising in the directory are defined as “Black” – per society’s current standards in the United States. However; UrbanMaxx CANNOT guarantee that any business owner is of African descent.